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About Bellisima

Bellisima Skin Center of Cosmetic Dermatology in Southern Illinois was founded by Dr. Zavala who operates a highly credible aesthetics practice. As an Anesthesiologist and certified laser specialist, she uses her knowledge, expertise, precision and injection techniques in delivering high quality aesthetics treatments to her patients.


Her focus is multidimensional and is aimed at holistic health. Her wellness promotion service improves physiological and psychological health as she incorporates nutrition, fitness and massage relaxation services into her practice. In order to achieve excellent skin; the diet have to be adjusted and patients have to be able to manage stress effectively. The focus of her practice is to prevent the causative factors of skin conditions and not only to alleviate the actual signs and symptoms.


Dr. Zavala is also a talented artist who draws faces; which is a rear skill for a physician. Her artistic capabilities facilitate her unique art work in creating symmetrical faces. This satisfies her goal in treating the mind and body which improve well being and confidence in her patients. Our highly experienced and specialized staff performs skin evaluations and develops individual treatment plans based on skin type and severity of skin damage.


At Bellisima, we believe that our patients needs are of the utmost importance and we are committed to meeting those needs no matter how big or small. We are proud to serve two locations. Bellisima Laser Aesthetics & Wellness, LLC in Southern Illinois.

Bellisima Skin Center Specializes in:

  • Acne treatment for adolescents and adults

  • Rosecea

  • Wrinkles

  • Pigmentation problems (melasma, sun spots, etc.)

  • Uneveness and scarring

  • Pseudofolliculitis

  • Hair removal

  • Laser tattoo removal

  • IPL photofacial and

  • Other treatments of a variety of skin conditions




Dr.Zavala is a certified trainer for all services to medical aestheticians, doctors and nurses. 


Call today to schedule a class or click HERE to send

an email for inquiry.


About The Doctor



Dr. Victoria Zavala is the founder of Bellisima Skin Center, LLC, a wellness establishment focusing on wellness, anti-aging, skin care, aesthetics, hormone-balancing, laser treatments and sclerotherapy. Dr. Zavala strives for a total mind-body balance, and her driving motivation is that her patients look and feel their absolute best, while achieving total wellness.


Dr. Zavala earned her Bachelor of Science degree in biology at the University of IIlinois and attended medical school at Southern Illinois Universitys School of Medicine. She then attended Baylor College of Medicine, fulfilling her residency in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology.


Throughout her education, Dr. Zavala maintained a strong interest in skin care, weight management, anti-aging, disease prevention and anesthesiology, graduating with a specialization in anesthesiology. In 2009, she opened the doors of Bellisima Skin Center and began welcoming Houston men and women to the newest and most innovative skin care services in the city of Houston, Texas.


Dr. Zavala's commitment to excellence in continuing education, safe practices and client satisfaction have put her at the forefront of skin care services in Houston. She is also very proud to announce that licensed medical aesthetician, Connie Pearson, is now available on-site at Bellisima for skin procedures, specializing in permanent cosmetics and Novalashes. Bellisima additionally offers a licensed massage therapist, nutritionist and personal fitness coach to patients who would like to achieve their best potential mental and physical health.


At Bellisima Skin Center, Dr. Zavala emphasizes the importance of the overall health and at each patients first visit and consultation, it is determined which services will best fit each patient. Dr. Zavala states, Every patient is different, has different needs and goals. Here at Bellisima Skin Center, we strive to meet our patients needs and help them to attain overall balance.

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