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Hair removal can be done anywhere on the body including underarms ,face and neck area, bikini, legs and arms .

The average number of treatments is 4-9 treatments to remove the hair due to the anagen/telogen cycle of hair growth that each hair follicle is in. However, every patient is different and somme patients are not candidates for laser hair treatments. 

The cost of hair removal depend on the area and part of the body. Schedule a consultation for pricing.


Dr. Zavala, in Bellisima Skin Center - Houston, uses the IPL7 for laser hair removal. Hair removal ranges from painless to the feeling of a rubber band snap and is very tolerable. If an area is uncomfortable, ice can be applied to the area prior to treatment

to aide in hair removal. 


Bellisima offers: Licensed Medical Aesthetician Services, Licensed Laser Specialist Services, Licensed Massage Therapist, Accupuncture, and an Excercise Physiologist available for nutritional guidance and exercise training.

For all laser inquiries, please Dr. Zavala at 6187514121

Areas Treated:

Face and Neck Area (Neck back or front) 

  • Jaw Laser Hair Removal

  • Half face/side face Laser Hair Removal 

  • Full face Laser Hair Removal 

  • Eyebrow/Unibrow area Laser Hair Removal 

  • Cheeks Laser Hair Removal

  • Chin Laser Hair Removal

  • Ears Laser Hair Removal

  • Upper Lip/Lip area Laser Hair Removal

  • Sideburns Laser Hair Removal

  • Scalp Laser Hair Removal

  • Nape of the neck/Hairline Laser Hair Removal 

  • Throat area Laser Hair Removal


  • Forearms Laser Hair Removal

  • Full Arms Laser Hair Removal

  • Underarms Laser Hair Removal

  • Hands Laser Hair Removal

Back Area

  • Full Back Laser Hair Removal

  • Sacrum Laser Hair Removal

  • Shoulders Laser Hair Removal

  • Lower Back Laser Hair Removal

  • Upper Back Laser Hair Removal


Chest & Abdominal Area

  • Chest Laser Hair Removal

  • Abdomen Laser Hair Removal 

  • Chest and Abdomen Laser Hair Removal

  • Linea Laser Hair Removal 

  • Sternum Laser Hair Removal 

  • Areolas Laser Hair Removal

  • Areolas and Sternum Laser Hair Removal

Lower Limbs

  • Full Legs Laser Hair Removal

  • Lower legs Laser Hair Removal

  • Thighs Laser Hair Removal 

  • Feet Laser Hair Removal 

  • Ankles Laser Hair Removal


Bikini Area

  • Bikini Line Hair Removal 

  • Bikini Line and Inner Thigh Hair Removal

  • Buttock Hair Removal 

  • Bikini line and buttock Laser Hair Removal

  • Brazilian Bikini Hair Removal 

  • Full Bikini Hair Removal 

  • Bikini and Underarms Hair Removal 

  • Bikini/Brazilian Extended Hair Removal 

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