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Custom Weight Loss Program

Bellisima Wellness Center in Houston and in Southern Illinois offer custom wellness weight loss program.

About 95 percent of diets fail, which means that most people gain all their weight back (or more). Ask anyone who has ever dieted… they will most likely report that it is easier to lose weight than to maintain their losses.


What matters most is your proportion of body fat to muscle. Scale weight does not measure this. Because muscle is denser than fat, it weighs more. If your aim is for a particular weight instead of a healthy body fat, then more muscle will put you at a disadvantage. How silly, right? So rather than focusing on weight as your number, begin focusing on your basal metabolic rate, or BMR.


BMR is overwhelmingly determined by how many muscles you have. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn at rest and while exercising. Therefore if you want to burn more calories, even while you are sleeping, you want to keep muscle and only lose fat. Regarding health and longevity, proportion of fat to muscle is what matters. Your knees obviously care how much you weigh, but what matters more is the number of fat cells you have, where in your body this fat is stored and how full of fat these cells are.


Many thin people have more fat than muscle. They may have dieted on and off on low or very low calorie diets and have replaced much of their healthy muscle with unhealthy fat. Though they weigh less, they have less muscle and proportionally more fat. This is known as “skinny fat” or TOFI (thin outside, fat inside) or normal weight obesity.


At Bellisima, Dr. Zavala measures body fat and lean body mass is using electrical bio-impedance, part of the Cornerstone program and the most accurate bio-impedance device on the market. A painless, small electrical current is passed through your body and since muscle conducts electricity and fat resists current flow, the resulting number can be translated into body fat and lean body mass (muscle).


A pre-set very healthy body fat goal range is determined, but even if that goal is never reached, if you are at least moving towards that goal you will be getting healthier, feeling better, reshaping your body and looking fitter.


By working with Dr. Zavala, you have access to the most technologically advanced tools to reach and maintain the body shape you desire, especially when combined with the other functions of the Bellisima Wellness program.


Cornerstone Wellness Program

We are now offering the Cornerstone Wellness Program. Medically supervised weight management for life. A safe and sensible approach to long-term weight loss. Please visit Cornerstone at for more information.

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