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Bellisima Skin Care Center offer full body massage in Wellness center in Houston, TX and Herrin, IL.


Full body Massage effects every system in the body on so many levels. Beginning at the cellular level to the psychological and emotional level. This massage can take you from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest” in a matter of moments.


Our desire is to help you feel better via the many effects of massage such as decreasing depression, enhancing immune functions, increasing attentiveness, increasing neuromuscular functions, reducing pain and stress. I meditate and raise my vibrations before each session to tap into the clients higher self to make the experience more intuitive and harmonious!

We also offer guided meditation and energy work for those interested in expanding their consciousness.


Massage segments offered:
60-minute session
90-minute session
120-minute session
Breath Work


Expierenced massage therapist on call. Trained in all types of massage including Lymphatic and Post Smart Lipo massage.

Your wellness expierience can be tailored to fit your personal needs.

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